When you buy this trading strategy, you get five (5) trading indicators designed for short-term, mid-term, and long-term stocks trading based on the CBOE Volatility Index S&P 500. Specifically, you get the following trading (analysis) indicators:

1) UVXY: Buy & Sell Indicator. This Indicator has been specially designed for scalping (short-term trading) UVXY stocks, mainly on a 1h timeframe. It generates potential buy/sell signals by highlighting these areas accordingly.

2) VIX: Buy & Sell Indicator. This Indicator was designed to filter out the UVXY trading noise of stocks. The primary function is to determine a sell signal on the 1d timeframe of UVXY stocks.

3) Volatility Ratio Indicator. Generates buy/sell signals of the CBOE Volatility Index S&P 500. The primary function is analytical.

4) VIX SSF Difference Monitor. The Indicator is designed to determine the discount/premium for Volatility Index Futures. Suitable for understanding the medium and long-term movement of the VIX.

5) COT VIX Indicator. This Indicator shows the positions of various Volatility Index Futures traders.

You should be aware that you are responsible and risky for your trades by yourself when buying and applying this strategy. We're not investment advisors. Since we're practicing traders, we offer you what has been successfully tested in our trading experience. Using this strategy, you must comply with risk and money management and use protective orders. It should be noted that a prerequisite for this strategy is the use of DCA mode when buying or selling an asset. This strategy is available only based on TradingView and connects only via TradingView username. Instructions for using the indicators will be sent to you after purchase.

The price of this strategy is $310 for an annual plan.